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Do you dream of having a beautiful, full, silky and homogeneous beard … unfortunately you end up with several or a bald spot in your beard? Frustrating, isn’t it? We will see in this article what to do to fix it.

If your hair growth isn’t as powerful as Jake Gyllenhaal’s, and looks more like Keanus Reeves’s: incomplete and unruly, you’ve come to the right place!

trou dans la barbe, la solution

To treat your problem, you have to be able to understand where it comes from, if you want to adopt a bearded look that looks great. When your beard grew, did you realize that it was sparse and not as full as you might have hoped? Be aware that several factors can be the causes of the bald spot in the beard .

Why you have a beard with bald spot: the explanations

In very simple terms: the bald spot corresponds above all to an absence of hair. 

Here are the two most common reasons for a thinning beard:

  • you may not have enough hair follicles in some places.
  • another more reassuring possibility: it may be that hair growth is simply late. Patience is the remedy in this case.

Lack of hairiness on the beard: possible causes

A downside, however, if at 30’s you notice that your beard still has these bald spots, you must suspect the existence of certain disorders, such as:

  • folliculitis : it is a microbial or bacterial infection of the hair follicle. The latter becomes irritated and swells and the hair that lodges there can quickly fall.
  • cicatricial alopecia : this designation includes diseases that lead to the permanent loss of hair or hair. The hair follicles disappear to be replaced by scars. We can also qualify cicatricial alopecia, the case of burns or cuts during shaving.
  • factors like stress, psychological disorders and certain medications, which can also cause alopecia areata.
  • in the most extreme cases, we can cite trichotillomania, which consists in frantically pulling out beard hair, until it is completely bald.


Without further ado, here are our solutions. You deserve it Gentleman. After the theory, we finally move on to practice. Roll up your sleeves and take action: a beard without a bald spot isn’t a miracle, it’s just time and care.

Take care of your skin and hair

You can imagine, miracle solutions do not exist to fill the beard bald spots. However, you can limit the breakage! Taking care of your beard improves the quality of it, as you will see in the points discussed below.

The natural and effective remedy: beard oils

A vegetable-based product, beard oil has beneficial properties for the hairs. Initially moisturizing, beard oil helps purify hair roots .

Each has its own virtues:

  • to purify, there is the famous castor oil , and if it is also known, it is not a coincidence. Applying it regularly helps stimulate your beard growth. And in addition, thanks to its antimicrobial and antibacterial actions , this oil cleanses the hair follicles.
  • there is also a reconstructive quality in grape seed oil . Thanks to the presence of linoleic acids, this oil regenerates damaged hairs . It also has an anti-inflammatory property.
  • in addition, sweet almond oil is one of the oils rich in minerals, vitamins and essential fats.

To fully penetrate the oil and get the maximum benefits, you need to apply it by massaging your face. Your blood circulation will improve with these small movements, which will allow you to better nourish and bring more oxygen to your face. And guess who benefits the most? Your hair of course.

Obtain a maintenance kit and set up a suitable ritual

Instead of washing your beard in a hurry with soap and ending with a constant tugging, give yourself time to adopt a ritual of maintenance of your beard . For this, you can get a maintenance kit with adapted beard care and products .

Quick focus on essential skincare actions :

  • Wash your face with special soap or beard shampoo, for example.
  • Hydrate well by massaging your entire face with oil or a balm with scents that give pep to start the day.

This is not to scare you, but if you do not take care of your skin, the bulb at the root of the hair will not be able to breathe and if your pores are clogged … the desert is guaranteed! On the other hand, if you stimulate growth by taking the time to massage yourself to penetrate the moisturizers, then you will see that the results will quickly show the tip of their nose!

Tame his hair or fill in the beard bald spot?

Grow and brush your beard

Growing your beard allows you to discover its potential. It is also a way to camouflage thinning areas . By being long, your hairs will be easily disciplined by a beard brush or a comb for example.

Be careful, don’t spend all morning in front of the mirror to brush them either, they might feel attacked and make you pay. But the advantage of this temporary solution is that your irregularities will hardly be seen . Adjust the structure of the hairs thanks to the application of oils or balms, and voila (at least for the day!).

Shave everything to be rid of?

If patience is not your strong point, then there is only one solution left: to shave your beard ! It is not necessarily an abandonment, it is rather giving your hair a chance to grow back more robust. In any case, we must not lose hope and be patient.

Get the best shaving products , like shaving foam or shaving oil. This allows the blade to slide more easily. It’s up to you to see if you prefer a traditional razor, cabbage cutter or a shavette, depending on your level.

Finally, don’t forget the final touch: the scented aftershave. However, you can still adopt a nice mustache or a well-trimmed goatee if you end up missing your hair.

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